One Year Anniversary of 31st & Chi

A couple days late with this, but I just wanted to recognize that May 1st, 2010 marked the one year anniversary of 31st & Chi. It's really not that big of a deal, but in many ways it is. For the five guys who decided to start this little "culturally relevant" blog, it's a landmark occasion and a time to celebrate (as if we needed another reason to party). So if you're reading this now, get off the chair/couch and go crack open a beer to read this post with. I just wanted to make a little documentation noting some memorable moments in 31st & Chi's short lifespan thus far as well as give our readers a little prediction of what to maybe expect this upcoming year. I also can't really tell you why I am the one writing this post. I think it is mostly (100%) due to the fact that I was the only one who remembered our 'one-year'. We probably should have left this one up to the English major.

Memorable posts (in a very random/not really that selective order):

Any of Lightweight's Bulleted Lists. As far as my favorites go, the accessories list, the bad version of the accessories list, a well-deserved self-esteem boost, and Pistol Pete's life analogies, to name a few.

K-Mart's fantastic photography. Like these and these.

K-Mart's insight and perspective into the life of a male nursing student.

Pistol Pete's helpful suggestions on finding that oh so special cure for hangovers. By the way, he's still looking.

Lightweight's introspective look into loose skin and old balls. Also, his life lessons on knowing thy enemies. Also, Lightweight revealing what he had been up to all summer while out west (via the picture in this post).

The first post ever (laughs).

Lightweight's reflection on the passing of a legend.

Stronghand's call on this. Just because :)

Recapping the journey that was Lollapalooza 2009. Still waiting for K-Mart to recap Sunday of the festival. Won't hold my breath on that one.

K-Mart informing the world that none of us were actually dead.

Trying to decide on our mantle's family picture theme. Still working on that as well..

Weird days in the parking lot at Primus.

Trying to realize my old-man tendencies.

Deep thoughts from Lightweight.

Analysis of Facebook.

2009's 25 top albums, top 10 awesome things, and Pistol's x-mas list top 10.

BIG moments.

Playing Doctor on the diabetic kid.

31st & Chi's version of 'super bowl coverage'.

31st & Chi's review and analysis of a shitty blog. (1.3 'slins out of 5)

Random coverage on Nathan Williams' antics.

Stronghand's reminder of old favorites.

Dedicating this post and that post to our favorite reader.

Recommendations for your next road trip.

Lightweight's 'rant' on gays. Not really though...we love the gays.

Analysis on the many personas of bars.

Who smokes what and why and also why you should.

A writer's coverage from another country/ies.

These are of course just some of the highlights for the first year of 31st & Chi. It will be exciting to see where the blog goes from here. As of right now, the team of writers here at 31st & Chi consists of 5 dudes. Will this change in the future? I can't really say for sure. The 5 founders are here to stay. That much I can guarantee. Here are a few predictions on what the future may hold for 31st & Chi:

More bulleted lists. Equally as great as the prior ones.

More photography from K-Mart and maybe even some from AllejandroPablo.

More music updates, both old and new.

More year-end lists that are more collaborative.

More commentary from Harrison and "conman0008".

More updates on trips possibly including, but not limited to: Lightweight and AllejandroPablo's upcoming trip to KC to mentor young ones while having bronsons, Pistol and K-Mart's adventures in the DR, Stronghand's expeditions in Danish country, another possible trip to Cooltown for the 4th of July, Lollapalooza 2010 coverage, where ever Fall & Spring Break takes place (perhaps speculation on the choices), and many more.

Coverage of life at 3111 Cass St.

More IV's.

More English papers.

More forgettable quotes.

More stories about booze and its effects in general.

More posts from Pistol in general (hopefully).

Better posts from AllejandroPablo (doubtful).

While our first few weeks were a bit shaky: finding what the hell we actually wanted to blog about, changing the horrendous look of the blog, helping Lightweight figure out how to post something; we now kind of, somewhat have a feel for things. We would also take this time to get some input from our readers. What would you like to see from 31st & Chi in the upcoming future? Should Lightweight write less about booze? Should AllejandroPablo get a life and realize no one cares about his music updates? Should Stronghand learn how to better HTML and post 'not completely legal' tunes? Should K-Mart learn how to write something in less than 2 months? Should Pistol try to remember his password to post more frequently? Some of these will happen and some won't. You will just have to keep coming back to this site to find out...please.


  1. Good work dude.
    Thank you for celebrating my 11 month anniversary on the blog, since it took me a month to think of something to write about.

  2. I never can remember my password...which is why I comment as anonymous...

  3. keep it up. Otherwise I won't have anything else to read and procrastinate doing homework with. happy 1st birthday 31st and chi

  4. i actually took your advice and had a beer while reading this. thank you, and i love this blog.

  5. alejandopablo, we love the music updates... keep them coming!