Top Ten Awesome Things of 2009

10) Spaghetti
Why It's Awesome: You can make it in one pot from a maximum three ingredients.
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: As long as I stay a poor, spag will stay on the list.

9) Girls
Why It's Awesome: Turns out we're not all gay,
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: Probably. Maybe. I don't know.

8) Croquet
Why It's Awesome: Pretending to have some modicum of class while smoking cigars and drinking Natty Light in the front yard is the quintessential awesome.
Will It Be Awesome in2K10?: Once all the fucking snow melts, probably.

7) Rock'n Horse
Why It's Awesome: Best known as the bar where I celebrated my 21st b-day/lost my dignity forever, I spent most of my time and money in this fine tavern in summer 2009. Thursday night dollar bottles are a must, and the bag shots are only for the brave.
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: Unless I go back home this summer, I don't see the Horse being anything more than a hometown nostalgia stop.

6) Colorado Rockies
Why It's Awesome: After a disastrous start, their run to wild-card contention gave a semblance of substance to my summer. And they actually won a playoff game before the Phils handed them their asses.
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: I hope so.

5) Pistol P and Me's Halloween Costumes
Why It's Awesome: Check us out. We looked badass, even if no one knew who Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo were.
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: No. This was a one night special, and special as it was it will not be making a return.

4) The Room
Why It's Awesome: The funniest drama ever written is a masterpiece/disaster set in motion. Tommy Wiseau's writing/acting/directing/producing really shines off the screen. Or something.
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: I hope so. Without this movie, I'm not sure what I'll look to as the 'your life could be worse' beacon.

3) Coors Light
Why It's Awesome: Because it's Coors Light.
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: A perennial powerhouse, the Silver Bullet is here to stay.

2) Patrick Swayze
Why It's Awesome: The legend passed on this year, succumbing to pancreatic cancer after fighting his hardest fight since the end of Roadhouse. He left behind a legacy of cinematic masterworks, including Roadhouse, Red Dawn, Point Break, Ghost, and Dirty Dancing. He will be missed.
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: Fratrick lives on in us all.

1) Food Network
Why It's Awesome: Rare was the day in 2009 that didn't begin with me sitting on the couch watching Food Network. It's various stars became like friends to me, and I am currently on a first name basis with most of them. And, somehow, along the way I think I picked up a few cooking skills.
Will It Be Awesome in 2K10?: Food Network's greatest enemy towards continued awesomeness is its becoming commonplace in my life. As I enjoy it everyday it may fail to wow me.

These are my Awesome Things of 2009.
What will rock ballas in 2010?
Only time will tell...

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