The Bulleted List, May 30

People Who Yelled At Me In West Virginia

  • A Kindergarten aged child
  • A bearded man
  • A creationist
  • An attractive girl
  • A librarian
  • A vegetarian
  • An infant


blink-182 on Leno

The great writer Milan Kundera once wrote, "Everything is illuminated in the aura of nostalgia."

Now I understand.



New Phoenix album getting great reviews

It's been a while since Phoenix's last full-length album release. Well the wait ends later this month as Wolfgang Amadeus, their latest, hits stores across the US on May 26th. The EP for the album is currently out. The album has had high expectations for some time now, but it seems to be meeting those expectations. You can pre-order the album now at Insound. Take a listen for yourself to the first track on Wolfgang Amadeus below:
Lisztomania - Phoenix

something to look at

Photo by Kyle Martin
Not sure who took this with my camera


Girl in the Boys Club

If there is one thing I hate it is people who do not live up to extreme hype. If there is a second thing I hate it is watching female sports...usually. Yesterday however was different. Yesterday I watched a filly out run the greatest stallions in the world at the Preakness. I cant imagine seeing Jane Doe step out on the track and blow past Usain Bolt at the Olympics, but the equivalent to that is what I saw Saturday. Throughout my life I have been forced to listen to "experts" say Michelle Wie was going to be the future of golf, that she was going to win a major tournament and what happened? She was a dud. The woman is not even amongst the top ten female golfers in the World. Then there was the Candance Parker's dunk. Which was followed by the thought that women were going to invade the NBA and actually compete against the likes of LeBron James and Dwight Howard. Insanity. But on Saturday I watched a female (horse) compete with and beat the best male challengers in the world. I am not saying that women aren't athletic but in competitions of pure strength and speed its my opinion that the best man will beat the best woman. Saturday's race however the filly, Rachel Alexandra, was not only playing with the boys but was the favorite. Rachel Alexandra strode from her stable Saturday expected to do the unthinkable and and that is exactly what she did. She showed up in one of horse racing biggest stages and dominated. It is her amazing feat that still has me picking my jaw up off the floor in disbelief. I cannot wait to see this horse compete at the upcoming Belmont Stakes to watch this lady continue to live up to her extreme hype.

Introducing...the Bulleted List.

To conclude tonight's flurry of activity, I'd love to take this opportunity to introduce something I'm hoping to make a regular facet here at 31st and Chicago. It's called The Bulleted List, and it consists of an eponymous bulleted list, usually ten or so items in no particular order, pertaining to whatever the list's topic may be that week. These items are unexplained and must be taken as they are.

So, without further ado, I leave you with this week's Bulleted List:

Things I Did in the Six Days I Was Home

  • Got drunk
  • Stole a steak
  • Fell off a motorcycle
  • Helped build a garage
  • Projectile vomited
  • Held an infant
  • Swore loudly
  • Discussed the finer points of hobo cuisine
  • Planted flowers
  • Worked the phrase "dime piece" into several conversations with my grandmother

Wild Mountain Nation

Tomorrow, I'm going to West Virginia for three weeks. Formally, I'm going for a class titled SRP 471 'Poverty in America'. Informally, I'm going so I can hang out in the mountains for the better part of the month. While I'm there, I'll split my time between community service and meeting with different ministers and pastors in the area to discuss the concept of Jesus' ministry to the poor. With a little bit of luck, I will learn something and come back a more complete and insightful person. With a little bit of God-given talent, I will come back with the sickest nature beard since my hero, Grizzly Adams (see above). Babes love nature beards, right?

Cross your fingers.

Revolutionary Road

This book fucking took it out of me. I picked it up on Monday and finished it the other night, in the later hours after coming home from the bar. As I read through the last handful of pages, I wasn't sure which character we would relate to more. Frank Wheeler, cynical and manipulative, who trudges through the monotony of his life due to lack of better option, plying himself with alcohol and illicit affairs just to get through? Or are we the hopeless April, stuck in a life not her liking, yet powerless, hopeless, to do anything about it? Maybe we're all John Givings, the once brilliant, now jaded, mental patient whose intellectual gifts are driven away by 'therapy'. Hopefully, none of us fully embody these three characters fully, but, rather, hold the qualities that make them appealing, that make them human, while being spared the characteristics that make them tragic. By all means, I hope we never find ourselves so fucked up and awful, but Richard Yates' Revolutionary Road offers us a brutal, cold portrayal of what can happen when you forget who you are.


Drake ft. Busta Rhymes- "Best I Ever Had (Remix)"

Click on the title to listen to the song. I have been rocking this for a while now and have yet to tire of it. Drake both sings the chorus and raps the second verse, which I find both unusual and extremely cool. Is he going to change hip-hop? Not likely. Do i want to roll my windows down and blare this so loud it frightens elderly women? Absolutely. I'll probably put some more of his stuff on here soon.

She call me the referee 'cuz I be so official...


Ellie Goulding covers ‘Wolves (Act I and II)’ by Bon Iver

Quite a departure from the synth-pop that you might expect to hear from the UK’s Ellie Goulding. She does do justice to Justin Vernon’s emotional standout, from Bon Iver’s critically-acclaimed For Emma, Foever Ago. But where’s the chaos at the end? I guess I just need those drums to really get the idea that the songwriters’ world came crashing down from the words of a past love. Check out Goulding's interpretation below.

Wolves (Act I & II) - Ellie Goulding

Indie Music Filter


Grizzly Bear on Jools Holland/Fred Falke Remixes Two Weeks

Grizzly Bear made their UK television debut last week on Jools Holland. Though known for usually being quite spectacular live, they seem a bit nervous here in their performance of "Two Weeks", but eventually they shake off the butterflies and end strong with "While You Wait For The Others". We found out about the performance via Ed Droste's Twitter. Ed also noted that Grizzly Bear will also be appearing on David Letterman next week. The single for "Two Weeks" will be released tomorrow via iTunes and on 12" May 18th and it has been confirmed that Fred Falke's remix of "Two Weeks" will also be a part of the single. Fred Falke has made some great remixes in the past, so look forward to this one as well. Grizzly Bear also confirmed that a video has been shot for the single "Two Weeks" as well. Anticipation builds for the release of Veckatimest and all it has to offer, but will it live up to the hype? We sure hope so.

Knife (Girl Talk remix) - Grizzly Bear
Photo taken by Kyle Martin
Window Seal
Photo taken by Kyle Martin


Animal Collective on The Late Show

This past Thursday night, Animal Collective played on The Late Show with David Letterman. The performance of the season appropriate Summertime Clothes was excellent to say the least. Dave really seems to like bringing in those hometown Brooklyn bands. Oh, Grizzly Bear will also be partaking in the Brooklyn Indie Band Show with David Letterman as well, on the 20th of May. Start prepping for the next round of AC vs. GB in the indie music blog world. And no, I wasn't going to mention anything about the masqueraded people dancing obscurely in the background. It's cool man, finals are over...


Oh the Places You'll Go

Across the country finals are being taken and soon mundane speeches citing Dr Seuss books will be delivered followed by the blaring of Vitamin C's "Graduation (Friends Forever" . While all of these students are focusing on internships and or shopping for graduate schools my time is occupied by more pressing issues. And by pressing issues I mean which summer music festival I want to attend. Ever since I was in eighth grade its been a dream of mine to go to a kickass music festival but something always comes up and i am forced to miss out. This year will be different. With stacked lineups of my favorite groups all within reasonable driving distance, the only question this year is who to lose my music festival virginity to? The front runners include Pitchfork, Lalapolloza, Bonnaroo, and Monolith. There are several criteria I have set to base my choice around. I want the festival I choose to have one big name band, preferably one that would be tough to see anywhere else. Second the bands I want to see are spaced out so I have groovy tunes all weekend and not just in one five hour period. Third I want it to fit in my friends schedule too. That being said here are my initial thoughts:
Pitchfork- A lineup full of bands I am curious to see live but lack the heavyhitter that each of the other festivals use to set them apart. Cheap tickets is a perk
Lollapolloza- Chicago's more well known festival has a great balance of well know and up and coming bands. Kanye West and Rage against the Machine are big draws. Downside: expensive and short set duration.
Monolith-Spoon, TVOTR, The Decemberists, Vampire Weekend, and the list goes on. The fact it is at Red Rocks only adds to Monolith's Appeal
Bonnaroo- Bonnaroo has many bands in commono with Monolith but on their schedule released this week the spacing of the shows makes it so I would be able to catch all the big names. Animal Collective, Al Green, Public Enemy, TVOTR, and the Beastie Boys are all scheduled just for friday night
So as you're listening to a Valedictorian talk about the application of "Oh The Places You'll Go" just think of how right he may be. Be it Tennessee, Chicago, or Denver. Remember "Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!"


Come on back, Brett.

I have heard a lot of people say that they don't think Brett Favre should come back for another season. There are those who think he is tarnishing his legacy by even considering playing for the Vikings. There are even those who say he shouldn't return because, frankly, he doesn't have it anymore. Well I have a simple question for those who voice these opinions: do you realize who we are talking about?
Personally, I think Brett Favre could walk onto an NFL field at 60 and be a better quarterback than Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels, the two currently competing for the Vikings' starting job. I find it very hard to believe this team would be worse off with a Hall-of-Famer under center than if a career back-up won the job, regardless Favre's age.
More importantly, I truly hope that even if he comes back and plays poorly it would in no way tarnish his legacy. Ten years from now will people think about a failed comeback when they think of Brett Favre? It would be a shame if they did. If they are like me they will remember the man who played like a god under the Monday night lights the day after his father died, throwing for 399 yards and four touchdowns. They will remember the man who started 269 consecutive games in a league where playing a whole season is an impressive feat.
This is a man who built his legacy on doing things that maybe he shouldn't have. He constantly throws into double coverage and has been picked off more than anyone else in league history. But that's who he is. He is a gunslinger who can't resist trying to make something spectacular happen, and millions, including myself, have loved him for it. Giving it one more go at 39 years old just to see if he can make a little more magic happen would fit perfectly into that legacy, not destroy it. If he wants to play until they drag him off the field, he has earned that right, and football fans should welcome him back.

Bat For Lashes on Late Show

In case you missed it last Friday night, we caught it for you. Bat For Lashes performed on The Late Show with David Letterman last Friday night. The song that was performed was Daniel, which is off her new LP Two Suns. It looked as though Paul and Dave really enjoyed 'Natasha's' performance.

Japandroids Cancel Tour Dates

Japandroids have been forced to cancel much of their current North American tour due to illness (hope it's not the swine flu, or whatever the hell it's being called now). Though they have said rescheduled dates are promised very soon. If you have not gotten the chance to listen to their debut LP Post-Nothing, I would highly recommend it. Though you may have missed them in concert right now, this does give you a chance to check them out more. Listen: Young Hearts Spark Fire

Japandroids (Tour Dates Left):

05-20 Victoria, British Columbia - Lucky Bar
05-22 Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore
05-24 George, WA - Sasquatch Festival
05-27 Portland, OR - Holocene
05-28 San Francisco, CA - Hemlock's ^
05-29 Los Angeles, CA - Silver Lake Lounge ^
05-31 San Diego, CA - Soda Bar ^
06-03 Austin, TX - Emo's
06-04 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge

^ with Happy Hollows


Photo of May 5th

Captured by Kyle Martin
Laser Cut Hands


Photograph of the Day by Kmart

Photo Captured by Kyle Martin
Ibanez Acoustic/Electric Guitar


Dead Prez vs Grizzly Bear (click to listen)

The Hood Internet on
Tuesday, April 21, 2009
Released a mix of
Check it out, I give it two thumbs way up.

Dallas Cowboy Practice Facility Collapses (click to see video)

Dallas Cowboys players and team staff run to check for trapped team and staff

Wind that was just shy of tornado strength, and perhaps stronger, ripped through the roof during a rookie minicamp practice, essentially popping the so-called bubble. Between the falling debris and the furor to get out, special teams coach Joe DeCamillis broke his back and 11 more people were hospitalized.
About 60 others felt lucky to escape with only cuts and bruises.



Top 10 WORST Songs/Videos candidate of all time? (click to view)

Soulja Boy has created one of the worst rap songs/videos ever with his production of Turn My Swag On. Since when did "YYEEEAAHH" and "OOOHHH" turn into a chorus? Listening to Mr. Soulja Boy's obnoxious over use of these two exclamations, is musically inept and frankly hard to listen to especially compared to his past productions. It amazes me that this songs airs play time on radios across the country. As far as the video goes, he just drenches himself in wads of bills and prances around in a house he wishes he owned. I prefer to turn this swag off.
Photo by Kyle Martin
Modern Photography, Captured in Columbia Missouri

Of course... I can kick him in the face.

Props to Steve for telling me about this guy. He is a former MMA fighter who now makes a living instructing us normal folk on how to win bar fights, and be hilarious doing it. From what I gather, as long as I have something to either "smash him in the face" or "kick him in the groin" with, I should be fine. Click the title to watch him in action. Dangity-Dangity-Dang.

Photos Captured by Kyle Martin

Photo by Kyle Martin
Abstract Street Lights

Photo by Kyle Martin
Abstract Street Lights

Grizzly Bear Announces Details on 'Two Weeks' Single

Grizzly Bear have announced the details for their release of the lead single of the upcoming "Veckatimest". 'Two Weeks' will be released on May 18 before the album is released on May 26. No tracklisting has been given for the single but it is safe to assume the Fred Falke remix will be one of the formats. 'Two Weeks' has been remixed by The Hood Internet but that was unofficial. Grizzly Bear will be also be playing on Jools Holland. The artwork for the single is above.


Former Duke star, Paulus visits Nebraska

Greg Paulus, of Duke basketball fame, Friday concluded his two-day visit to the Nebraska campus as he looks for a place to play quarterback.

The former Blue Devils’ point guard has been exploring the possibility of playing one year of quarterback at the college level — with Syracuse and Nebraska seeming to head his list of options. Paulus visited Syracuse at the beginning of this week.

When will the decision come? “Sooner than later, I think,” Joe Casamento, Paulus’ high school coach, told the Lincoln Journal Star on Wednesday. “I don’t think it will go on more than two weeks.”

Paulus is a former national high school football player of the year, but has spent the last four years on the hardwood, which has led to some skepticism about how much he could really add to a football program in just a year.

By BRIAN CHRISTOPHERSON / Lincoln Journal Star
Photo by Kyle Martin
Taken at the Old Market in Omaha Nebraska.

Photo by Kyle Martin
Taken at 31st and Chicago in Omaha Nebraska

Photo by Kyle Martin

NEW Passion Pit - "Moth's Wings"

Moth's Wings really has an exquisite sound that kind of takes the listener for a loop as it does not necessarily sound like your typical Passion Pit. But then again, after hearing three songs from their full-length, we may have to wait to say exactly what your typical "Passion Pit" sound is. Whatever it sounds like, it's good.

Kanye on VH1 Storytellers

We saw this over Spring Break and it blew our minds. Kanye combines "Heartless" and "Pinocchio Story" (the freestyle bonus track off 808's and Heartbreak) in this video and he brings a lot more emotion and energy than you can feel from the studio version. Starting at around the 7 minute mark he really gets into the story-telling part of the show, wishfully reflecting on words you can't take back and calling out 50-Cent for calling him gay. Click the title of the post to watch the video. Enjoy, I know we did.


Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest due May 26th

Grizzly Bear have revealed the title, cover, and tracklist for their upcoming album, Veckatimest, to be released May 26th on Warp Records. The title, pronounced [VECK ah TIMM est], is after a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Massachusetts. Here is the tracklist:

1. Southern Point
Two Weeks
3. All We Ask
4. Fine for Now
5. Cheerleader
6. Dory
7. Ready, Able
8. About Face
9. Hold Still
10. While You Wait for the Others
11. I Live With You
12. Foreground

Look for more to come on Grizzly Bear in the near future.

Game 7: Best First Round Series Ever?

If you watched last night's Game 6 between the Bulls and the C's, then you were in for quite a retreat. Tensions have been running high in this series as it will conclude with Game 7 in Boston where the defending World Champion Celtics will square off against the Chicago Bulls. Ray Allen had 51 points, the second most ever by a player in a losing effort in a NBA playoff game. In what has truly been an amazing series, there have been 7 overtimes in 6 games thus far (3 in last night's Game 6). Can Game 7 really live up to the hype that this series has created? In all likelihood, most likely not. But then again, 5 of the 6 games so far have been barn burners. The game is on ESPN tomorrow Saturday, May 2nd at 6:15PM (central).