Introducing...the Bulleted List.

To conclude tonight's flurry of activity, I'd love to take this opportunity to introduce something I'm hoping to make a regular facet here at 31st and Chicago. It's called The Bulleted List, and it consists of an eponymous bulleted list, usually ten or so items in no particular order, pertaining to whatever the list's topic may be that week. These items are unexplained and must be taken as they are.

So, without further ado, I leave you with this week's Bulleted List:

Things I Did in the Six Days I Was Home

  • Got drunk
  • Stole a steak
  • Fell off a motorcycle
  • Helped build a garage
  • Projectile vomited
  • Held an infant
  • Swore loudly
  • Discussed the finer points of hobo cuisine
  • Planted flowers
  • Worked the phrase "dime piece" into several conversations with my grandmother

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