Grizzly Bear on Jools Holland/Fred Falke Remixes Two Weeks

Grizzly Bear made their UK television debut last week on Jools Holland. Though known for usually being quite spectacular live, they seem a bit nervous here in their performance of "Two Weeks", but eventually they shake off the butterflies and end strong with "While You Wait For The Others". We found out about the performance via Ed Droste's Twitter. Ed also noted that Grizzly Bear will also be appearing on David Letterman next week. The single for "Two Weeks" will be released tomorrow via iTunes and on 12" May 18th and it has been confirmed that Fred Falke's remix of "Two Weeks" will also be a part of the single. Fred Falke has made some great remixes in the past, so look forward to this one as well. Grizzly Bear also confirmed that a video has been shot for the single "Two Weeks" as well. Anticipation builds for the release of Veckatimest and all it has to offer, but will it live up to the hype? We sure hope so.

Knife (Girl Talk remix) - Grizzly Bear

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