Girl in the Boys Club

If there is one thing I hate it is people who do not live up to extreme hype. If there is a second thing I hate it is watching female sports...usually. Yesterday however was different. Yesterday I watched a filly out run the greatest stallions in the world at the Preakness. I cant imagine seeing Jane Doe step out on the track and blow past Usain Bolt at the Olympics, but the equivalent to that is what I saw Saturday. Throughout my life I have been forced to listen to "experts" say Michelle Wie was going to be the future of golf, that she was going to win a major tournament and what happened? She was a dud. The woman is not even amongst the top ten female golfers in the World. Then there was the Candance Parker's dunk. Which was followed by the thought that women were going to invade the NBA and actually compete against the likes of LeBron James and Dwight Howard. Insanity. But on Saturday I watched a female (horse) compete with and beat the best male challengers in the world. I am not saying that women aren't athletic but in competitions of pure strength and speed its my opinion that the best man will beat the best woman. Saturday's race however the filly, Rachel Alexandra, was not only playing with the boys but was the favorite. Rachel Alexandra strode from her stable Saturday expected to do the unthinkable and and that is exactly what she did. She showed up in one of horse racing biggest stages and dominated. It is her amazing feat that still has me picking my jaw up off the floor in disbelief. I cannot wait to see this horse compete at the upcoming Belmont Stakes to watch this lady continue to live up to her extreme hype.

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