Oh the Places You'll Go

Across the country finals are being taken and soon mundane speeches citing Dr Seuss books will be delivered followed by the blaring of Vitamin C's "Graduation (Friends Forever" . While all of these students are focusing on internships and or shopping for graduate schools my time is occupied by more pressing issues. And by pressing issues I mean which summer music festival I want to attend. Ever since I was in eighth grade its been a dream of mine to go to a kickass music festival but something always comes up and i am forced to miss out. This year will be different. With stacked lineups of my favorite groups all within reasonable driving distance, the only question this year is who to lose my music festival virginity to? The front runners include Pitchfork, Lalapolloza, Bonnaroo, and Monolith. There are several criteria I have set to base my choice around. I want the festival I choose to have one big name band, preferably one that would be tough to see anywhere else. Second the bands I want to see are spaced out so I have groovy tunes all weekend and not just in one five hour period. Third I want it to fit in my friends schedule too. That being said here are my initial thoughts:
Pitchfork- A lineup full of bands I am curious to see live but lack the heavyhitter that each of the other festivals use to set them apart. Cheap tickets is a perk
Lollapolloza- Chicago's more well known festival has a great balance of well know and up and coming bands. Kanye West and Rage against the Machine are big draws. Downside: expensive and short set duration.
Monolith-Spoon, TVOTR, The Decemberists, Vampire Weekend, and the list goes on. The fact it is at Red Rocks only adds to Monolith's Appeal
Bonnaroo- Bonnaroo has many bands in commono with Monolith but on their schedule released this week the spacing of the shows makes it so I would be able to catch all the big names. Animal Collective, Al Green, Public Enemy, TVOTR, and the Beastie Boys are all scheduled just for friday night
So as you're listening to a Valedictorian talk about the application of "Oh The Places You'll Go" just think of how right he may be. Be it Tennessee, Chicago, or Denver. Remember "Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!"

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