Come on back, Brett.

I have heard a lot of people say that they don't think Brett Favre should come back for another season. There are those who think he is tarnishing his legacy by even considering playing for the Vikings. There are even those who say he shouldn't return because, frankly, he doesn't have it anymore. Well I have a simple question for those who voice these opinions: do you realize who we are talking about?
Personally, I think Brett Favre could walk onto an NFL field at 60 and be a better quarterback than Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels, the two currently competing for the Vikings' starting job. I find it very hard to believe this team would be worse off with a Hall-of-Famer under center than if a career back-up won the job, regardless Favre's age.
More importantly, I truly hope that even if he comes back and plays poorly it would in no way tarnish his legacy. Ten years from now will people think about a failed comeback when they think of Brett Favre? It would be a shame if they did. If they are like me they will remember the man who played like a god under the Monday night lights the day after his father died, throwing for 399 yards and four touchdowns. They will remember the man who started 269 consecutive games in a league where playing a whole season is an impressive feat.
This is a man who built his legacy on doing things that maybe he shouldn't have. He constantly throws into double coverage and has been picked off more than anyone else in league history. But that's who he is. He is a gunslinger who can't resist trying to make something spectacular happen, and millions, including myself, have loved him for it. Giving it one more go at 39 years old just to see if he can make a little more magic happen would fit perfectly into that legacy, not destroy it. If he wants to play until they drag him off the field, he has earned that right, and football fans should welcome him back.