Ode to the Night Jew(Tunez version)

Being that it is national Harrison Appreciation Day, I thought I would toss together a few tracks that for me embody our most loyal and beloved superfan. (all songs are linked in the highlighted titles)

Harrison's Gay? - For years Harry's sexuality has been questioned. Though now hes found a special someone(a female), I cant help but reminesce about the days spent wondering which team our friend was "batting" for.

Mazltov- Unlike his sexuality, Harrison's Jewish, shylock ways were never questioned. From his hair to his nose, the man is a pure blood son of King David. He never forgets/forgives other's debts and lives his life more conservatively than Ronald Reagan. Im also pretty sure he has control of most US media...

Cortez/Night Jew-As Lightweight already mentioned, ol' Harrison has a tendency to transform after he gets a few alcohols in his system. During the day Harrion is a nerdy pre-med with his nose in a book but when a beer finds its way to his greedy Jew hands the man transforms. All the morals and standards by which this man lives his life go out the window. He becomes an animal. Girls beware Cortez is on the prowl.

Secret Agent- For as long as I have know Harrison he has been bound and determined to keep information from me. He loves being vague or "mysterious" as he would call it. The kid loves keeping others in in the dark but then again I guess he is the Night Jew. Plus he dancing like the panther in the video...and loves the color pink...

We love you Harrison. Please comment on this and give my life validation.


  1. Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsy, Brahmes, this post...all are classics.

  2. I will comment on each song individually

    1. fuck you
    2. although you are a gentile, you're still ok maybe you can even come to temple with me
    3. Cortez/The Night Jew are not here right now but if they were they would either tell you to take a shot or that you still owe me $8.35
    4. I think secret agent man would have been a better song for this one but I know that you are jealous of my dance moves so I'll let it slide.

  3. brilliant. absolutely brilliant.