The Medici Villa, Italian booze, etc.

So last Friday morning our ISA group took us on a free little adventure to the outskirts of Florence to the Medici Villa. The Medici family is of course one of the richest families in the history of Italy and basically controlled Florence during the renaissance. Anyway, I heard how beautiful it was and planned on going for sure and then Thursday night happened. I was a little hungover on Friday morning, to say the least. Supposedly someone once said that the wine in Italy doesn't give you a bad hangover like it does in the States, well I can assure you that statement is utter bullshit. Now if there is something saying that cheap wine gives you worse headaches, that may be a little more believable. Booze is booze. But I did end up going. It was pretty cool, really pretty. I'm glad I went now, but that morning I wasn't thinking much of it.

Also in this post, I'm going discuss my alcohol discoveries in Italy. First category, vino or wine.

1. Wine is good. Some people don't like it, but I do. I don't really appreciate the way some people do (my parents). But I figure if you drink enough of it, you start to figure it out. Or at least that's been my excuse anyway. When we go out to eat we always get wine mostly because it's cheaper than water and it's booze. We usually go for the house wine as it is usually cheapest normally dark. I have found that I am definitely more of a red guy than a white guy. Not really sure why. If I asked my dear friend Lightweight which one he wants, he would most likely reply by asking which one has more booze in it. To that I would reply the red, but of course it varies and I'm probably full of shit, but that's what I hear. Unfortunately, no I have not yet found the Keystone Ice equivalent to a normal beer in a bottle of wine. Still, I have my fingers crossed.

2. Beer. The Italian's beer are pretty good. The three I have had are Peroni, Moretti, and Nastro Azzurro. Supposedly those are three big guys in Italy. Peroni is my favorite. It's just a good beer. It's like a classy PBR...if that's possible? Pistol, you'd approve. We played beer pong last night with Nastro Azzurro, so I'm going to have to get back to you on that one. Moretti is solid. I don't know, again...booze is booze. I just haven't come across very many beers that I don't like, that's not even saying ones I wouldn't drink, which is very few. Miller High Life though...damn. I have to choke that shit down.

3. I really haven't had much besides beer and wine. I have had a few mixed drinks at clubs and what not, but those are usually pretty expensive so I tend to stick pretty close to what I know (my dear friend jack and coke). Asked for a Windsor and Coke, no such luck. I constantly harass one of my roommates, who is from North Carolina, for calling a Long Island Iced Tea an L.I.T. Must be southern slang? K-Mart? I probably wouldn't have given him any shit at all except he went up to the bartender at a local Firenze joint and proceeded to ask, "Can y'all get me an L.I.T?" Of course they had no idea what that was, but anyway we came back a few nights later and the same bartenders were working and were pretty excited t see Paul. "Hey it's L.I.T.!! The L.I.T. man!" Classic.

I will continue my exploration of Italian booze and hopefully other foreign delicacies. Till then, everyone who reads this, tip back a cold one for me. I miss the boys.

Pistol = PBR
Lightweight = Keystone Ice (tall girl)
Stronghand = Budweiser
K-Mart = Joose
Connor = Bud Select
Harrison = just steal a PBR from Pistol


  1. that just got me all Joosed up.. but it is hard to beat a good Merlot or Cabernet..

  2. please, try one reisling for me. I am so jealous. We will have to have a wine tasting when you come home

  3. There is a long history of imitation scotch whiskys and bourbons in Italy. Though they have made an effort to clean it up, it appears that it is still a problem. Drinking whisky in Italy is a bit like going out for seafood in San Antonio or going out for a steak in Miami.

    I suggest you stick with vino - Chianti Classico is my favorite (Dolcetto is good as well).

  4. Want me to airlift you some Key Ice?

  5. I would send you a PBR in Covalts emergency airlift but it looks like Harrison's Jew ass has stolen my spare...typical.

  6. Its not my fault you leave your precious PBR in the fridge like a sucker.

  7. yeah, who keeps their beer in the fridge? especially you mr. room temperature.