The Life and Times of a Mursing Student: Part 2

(I am not a writer, I am simply a mursing student, so dont make fun of my grammer or spelling Harrison.)

Recently the life and times of a mursing student have been quite typical. Whether it is getting off the elevator at Children’s Hospital with my clinical group and hearing “hope you ladies have a good last week!” or reading the daily Nursing Listserve emails about babysitting opportunities or job applications for female only youth camps. Since there isn’t much recent activity in my current mursing career worth sharing; id like to start with some typical situations I have been through.

Today I will go to lunch; but I will be eating with a nursing crowd usually with a ratio around 11:1. Back in the day I used to wonder what people thought when they walked by or saw me eating with this group. “Either he is gay, or he is a nursing student, or both.” This used to be fun to play with or joke about, however since Creighton is a small school word has gotten around that I am a nursing student so that took some fun out of lunch time but it is still fun to do at the bars..

However I have once received the complete opposite statement in my Research class. Last semester I was in class sitting next to a girl-friend of mine and our professor was dividing us up into project groups. The professor did not want anyone living with each other to be in the same group. She points to me and the girl sitting next to me and asked “are you two married?” We both began to laugh and so she assumed it was a no. The professor’s reasoning was because “well you’re always sitting with them, and you look like you could be.” So now I walk a fine line between gay and married within the nursing field. Sweet.

This past week I started my new rotation at CUMC in the Med/Surge Unit. My clinical group is sweet by the way, probably the best one.. Anyway we were assigned just one patient for the first week to take care of. I happened to be assigned to a complete look alike of Mrs. Doubtfire. One thing I have been catching crap from the nursing girls is my clinical shoes. In clinical we have to wear white shoes, this is not an easy look to pull off to start with, especially for a guy. Therefore I just said screw it and went for a cheap pair of off white cloth-boat like shoes that I purchased for $9 from Urban. When I say “off white,” I mean that they used to be white. However the brown street snow has taken there toll on them; and my friend Mavec who stole them one night to stumble home to campus. The best clinical shoes definitely go to Rachel and her EasySpirits, which look like grandmas rehab walking shoes.. Classics. They for sure top off the other girls white clogs or standard white tennis shoes. I am considering my next pair to be velcro, since I cant find any size 13 light-ups. Until then I will support my tan cloths and the jokes to come with.


  1. I will not make fun of your GRAMMAR when you can spell it. love you.