The Office Hood Dance

This Friday one of two things will happen. I will either be attending our fraternity's date party (theme: The Office) if it doesn't get canceled or I will be going to The Hood Intranet concert at The Slowdown. For those of you who do not know who The Hood is check them out. They are basically two dj's who mix together genres (mostly indie w/rap) and are similar to the more popular Girl Talk. This type of show pretty much turns into a dance concert from what I hear; therefore I won't be upset if the date party gets called off.
I've recently found some new dance moves that I would like to incorporate into which ever event I attend.

New Moves
- The Wall - this is a new move which is catching on like wild fire with sports fans and I can't blame them.. rollin like a big shot
- The Nathaniel - this kid has the right idea. feel the music, cut lose, and see what happens.
- The Stomp (fast forward to the 1 minute mark) - this is an old move in a classic movie, but is one that I've been needing to learn and use. Doubtful I'll get the right beat to try it out at The Hood; probably have to wait for Texas to use it..

Old Moves
- The Glide - AKA the Adam Walk - the glide was introduced to me freshman year of college by Adam who is the closest to actually gliding out of us..
- This Guy - hes awesome.
- The Moon Walk - this is one that I can actually do, took me some lessons but its a classic also the other moves like the crotch grab and thrust are fun to throw in as well
- The Lawn Mower, The Shopping Cart and The Shovel are also favorites of mine due to humor but don't deserve video.

Should be a fun night.

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