Pistol Previews

Today I feel like catching back up with 31st and Chi. I have been away from posting for a while which has given me time to discover some stellar new tunes. So here I will preview some of my recent favorites and rate them on a 1-5 'slin pump scale.

Sleigh Bells- This upstart Brooklyn band has hit the ground running with the release of singles "Ring Ring" and "Crown on the Ground". Their sound reminds me of the band Girls but with an edge. They will be joining Yeasayer on tour this spring and are scheduled to play Omaha's Waiting Room on April 25th. _____4.5 'Slin Pumps_____

Gil Scott-Heron- Poetic lyricist Gil Scott drops his new album in an attempt to marry a 70s R&B/Jazz flow with new age, hip hop influenced sound. I checked this out on recommendation of Pitchfork and have not been able to turn it off. _____4.75 'Slin Pumps_____

jj- A breakout sensation in '09, jj is back and better than ever. After signing to acclaimed label Secretly Canadian jj has been in the lab cranking out tunes that send shivers up your spine. The new single "Let Go" is phenomenal and will provide any listener with the feeling of summertime on a warm beach(even while stuck in shitty snowville NE). _____4.8 'Slin Pumps_____

Peter Gabriel- As you may have heard, Peter Gabriel has begun his new album Scratch my Back. This album will be comprise of Gabriel covering his avorite indie tracks. In return his favorite new indie artists will cover some of his classics. I believe we are all in store for something special if Gabriels version of Bon Iver's "Flume" is any indication how the album will be.
_____4.25 'Slin Pumps___

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