The Life and Times of a Mursing Student: Part 1

(First of all I am a nursing student, not a writer. Second, girls, don’t be offended)

The life of a nursing student is what you would expect of it; the classes, clinicals and a somewhat normal college experience. However the life of a mursing student is quite different.

When I tell people that I am a nursing student they usually respond “hey that’s smart, you’ve got the best odds with the ladies.” Imagine yourself as a guy in a room full of 75 girls and you (the guy) for 3 years. If that sounds good to you, then you are wrong.

From the beginning you are the one guy that they all know. From them you get questioned, commented and judged on everything; who you’re talking to, your drinking habits, your guy friends, and your appearance! These girls are in of many sororities, but really they are there own cult.

In the beginning our relationship (me and the 75 females) was reserved in some fashion. Within the last year or so, it seems as if those flood gates have broken. Their lady like aspects have flown out the window, their thoughts are no longer kept in their heads, and their “times of the month” have become far more noticeable, and they don’t dress nice anymore. Sorry ladies but its true, you’ve changed. I find lots of humor in these things, and even though they are annoying at times it is simply just the norm these days.

Even though there are 4 other guys in my nursing class, they really don’t count. Two of them are married and old, one is gay (which is fine) and the other is reserved and keeps to himself. So really they don’t help or benefit me in any way with the cult. Therefore I am glad I joined a fraternity. After a long day of classes or clinicals with the up and down relationships with my fellow girl class mates, it is nice to return home to a house full of 17 bros and refrigerators full of bronson’s which I will consume and be criticized for the next day. Usually I get the common phrase “you always drink and never study, and you still do better than me; I hate you”

Look for many more parts to come soon and for peters next IV video.


  1. the number of spelling/grammatical errors in this post made me laugh. The content of the post made me laugh even harder. I eagerly await the next double dose of hilarity.

  2. Agreed on the spelling/grammatical errors haha. You, my friend, are too humble for this world! Please, tell us how you really feel...

  3. "...they don't dress nice anymore."

  4. did yall miss the heading that says i am not a writer!?