For You, Dear Reader

In this relative Renaissance of activity here at 31/Chi, I found myself remembering the old days, the dark days. I'm talking, of course, of that laggard period back in October-November where we went weeks without a substantial update, and I myself went days without even checking in. It seemed the blog had fallen into disrepair. Then, on December 3, our three week old 'freshest post' received the following comment:

Harrison said...

Don't abandon your loyal followers, post something new

This was the kick in the ass we needed. Rejuvenated, we started posting pretty regularly. For about two weeks.
Still, Harrison remained our most loyal reader, checking for new posts far more frequently than we posted them. Sometimes he even had the audacity/desire for ridicule to mention a few posts in public. Harrison was always a trooper. This is why we salute him today.

Who knows what the future will hold for Harrison and 31/Chi?
Perhaps future posts will chronicle the adventures of the Night Jew or Cortes, Harrison's varying drunken, belligerent alter egos.
Perhaps we will let Harrison do a 'one time only' guest post.
Maybe he'll just keep studying and being a better person than me.
Whatever tomorrow brings, it is surely nothing that Harrison cannot handle. Harrison's pithy, semi-insulting comments will continue to grace this blog/be the only comments ever posted.

Oh, this is what Harrison looks like:

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