Super Bowl.

We're watching the Super Bowl as we speak, and like most people we have been getting drenched with all the pre-game bullshit. Chief among these reports are countless specials on how much this Super Bowl victory would mean to the people of New Orleans as they are still reeling from Hurricane Katrina. These reports swayed me to think that maybe I should cheer for the Saints, since the people of New Orleans, having gone through great tragedy, could really use a pick-me-up. Go Saints, right? These people have been through a lot, right? They deserve this one moment of sunshine in an otherwise dark, wretched span of time, right?
Well, yeah, New Orleans has gotten pretty fucked over lately by hurricanes and what not, which I will admit is a total bummer, but then I realized that the Colts are from Indianapolis for God's sake. They're waking up in a living hell every morning and they didn't even need a natural disaster to spur it along. They live in the state of Indiana, for fuck's sake, a place where the capitol city translates to 'Indiana city'. It looks like Illinois' mishapen young brother. Check this out: Illinois is Schwarzenegger, Indiana is DeVito.

Seriously, why would you even wish a loss on someone who has to live in a city where this building is the next best thing after your poorly uniformed football squad?
Holy shit, what is wrong with your city when this is what comes up on a Google image search? How can I not feel sorry for people that live in a city that is associated with a graphic fireball hurtling some slackjawed, cross-eyed Southerner/greasy Euro to his char-broiled death?

On the other hand, this is what springs to mind when people think NEW ORLEANS:

And check this picture out:

Holy shit! This guy is standing on a horse in the middle of the fucking street. Who gives a shit if the people in New Orleans win the Super Bowl? They're all drunk right now. Mardi Gras is next week, the streets will be running with booze and naked chicks and no one will even remember the score as they enjoy a mild Gulf Coast winter. Meanwhile, in Indiana City, boring, white guys in khakis will be waking up to a shitty Midwest winter to go to their awful jobs at some kind of lameass mid-level corporate job. I feel like the prefix 'mid' fits Indianapolis perfectly.
Those poor bastards in Indianapolis deserve this. True, their city was never underwater, but something makes me think that a lot of those miserable bastards would prefer it that way.

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