So lately I've found myself equally intrigued and repulsed by the 'Doppleganger' profile picture. To bring everyone up to speed, this is where ordinary (read: average) people change their Facebook profile picture to their 'celebrity look-a-like'. However, more often than not, these 'dopplegangers' are more like 'famous people I wish I looked like'.

Since 31/Chi is culturally relevant, I decided to break out our own dopplegangers, but I decided to keep it real.
So...here we go.

Here we have Pistol Pete. This may or may not be considered a compliment. On one hand, he's a bald, goony looking guy with a few screws loose. On the other hand, he wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

This isn't so much a look-a-like of AP, but a glimpse into a future where he has horribly let himself go and gotten a job with Food Network.

Looks like Stronghand got some hormone treatment and sprouted facial hair! That's cool.

K-Mart freed the slaves. Or kept them in chains. I'm not sure, I got a B in history.

You can all go fuck yourselves.


  1. you kinda look like that guy from the hangover

  2. first two are weak. last three are great.

  3. When you pay the rent, you can call the shots.