Fbook. Old ppl. Photo tags, etc.

Oh Facebook. Oh how I loathe/love thee. Seems like pretty much everyone has a Fbook these days. If you don't, it's probably because of one of these reasons:
A. You are 'too kewl' aka 'suck'.
B. You have been living under a rock for the past 7 years.
C. You deleted it for whatever reason
D. Mom and Dad have fbook now.

It seems like fbook has had a lot of controversy. The latest being old people trying to figure out fbook. It seems kind of weird/creepy to me. I can understand if you have like a business or something. I guess it's not that creepy as long as you don't update your 'status' more than your own children. It's not very kewl for the tweens to get out fbook'd by ma' and pa'.

How about the photo tag thing? What's the deal with this? I feel like I want to have photos of myself having a good time with my pals up on fbook, but my school/counselor/parents/University/whomever say that I will never get a job and thus become a hobo because there is a beer in a couple pictures. That seems a little rash to me. I guess it would make sense to just 'untag' myself, right? I prolly should since my 'student orgs' get pissed if I have a beer in my hand and I'm only 20 years old. They are all, "You can't drink, you are not of age, you make us look bad." On the contrary, I feel like I would be able to make a pretty valid case that says all I have done is make your organization cooler by being in it, not necessarily because I drank a beer when I was 20, but prolly because I'm a not lame and I'm actually in student orgs and stuff. How about when ppl untag themselves from photos because they don't look good in the picture. We've all done it, everyone has been guilty of it at some point in their fbook careers. Or how about the person tags you in a photo that doesn't "flatter" you. Oh yeah, one of those guys. Then there is the person who updates their statuses to something like, "my dog died today" or even something like "get better soon mom, i hope cancer doesn't kill you." Well not quite that blatant, but you know what I mean. I mean, like what are people supposed to say to that? Is it like a rhetorical status update? I just don't think that kind of thing is appropraite for 'social networking'. God forbid actually talking to someone about that kind of thing face-to-face.

Fbook tags are an odd bit. But they are actually one of the few fbook apps that hasn't really changed much. What ever happened to the 'poke'? I guess it's still there, but it isn't really relevant anymore, is it? Does anyone actually poke anymore? Do fbookers do all those crazy apps that tell you what Harry Potter character you are, what candy bar you would be if you were candy, and what your hottness ranking is out of your friends? Is it cool to do these, or is it cooler not to? What is to be made of the 'news feed'? It's always interesting reading status updates to find out if Buddy and Shawna broke up again today or to see what people write on each other's walls, but isn't it kind of stalkerish? Plus now you can update your news feed and see stuff that happened like 30 seconds ago. Then there is always that guy who comments 10 seconds after the updated status from 30 seconds ago. Prolly the same guy who updates his 'tweetbook' 5 to 6 times daily. Cool man, I hope you don't like getting ass.

Fbook is just one of those things ya know? But do you ever sit down and think about how much time you spend on it, how dumb it really is, and how it is actually pretty creepy? Yeah, me neither.

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