The Hangover (not the movie)

As I sit here at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday awoken by a pounding migraine(directly resulting from last nights activities), I began thinking about how often this has happened recently. I am sick and tired of waking up and begin forced to waste away good weekend hours that could be spent doing fun stuff because of a wicked hangover. My first thought is how do I get rid of this problem. Now you may be sitting at home and thinking, "Why doesn't this idiot just quit drinking?" Well to you I would say find another blog. Alcohol is a part of the college experience whether people like to admit it or not and will probably continue to be a part of mine and everyone who has anything to do with this blogs life for the foreseeable future.
So instead of focusing on quitting I'm focused on curing. The Hangover is one of the foremost ailments of me and my friends. So as a man who dreams of having a future in health care I see it as my duty to work for a cure for this sickness that confines partygoers to their beds until early afternoon.
I do not plan to do this by simply popping asprin or chugging a gatorade before I go to bed. My goal is to find the off the wall cures that are only rumored about and along the way come up with some of my own. In the end I hope that I will have compiled a list of a few things that really do take away the morning sickness that results from a night of drinking. Along the way I will keep you posted on what is working and what is making matters worse. I am going to avoid the other stand by of waking up and having a drink to kill the beast.
So after searching the internet for about ten minutes, the first five experiments I have decided to try are as follows
1) Saltwater - supposedly making an isotonic solution makes it easier for the body to process water, this may sound tame but I plan on drinking copious amounts of this stuff and seeing how fast I can get rid of the hangover
2) Jeeves Secret Concoction- 1 raw egg, worchestershire sauce, and tabasco and mix. Three things that I love separately but the thought of them together is scary . Of all the morning drinks this one sounds the most off the wall and thus it must be tried.
3) 6 pack and a pound- Last night I watched two friends split the Taco Johns epic meal deal and I think it would be a great thing to test. More than anything else I hope this one works.
4)Pedialyte- Yes that wonderful drink that parents give their kids who have diarhea has made the list. This one is off internet suggestion and I will be drinking it before I hit the hay
5) Lemon Pits- I guess that the Puerto Ricans have a tradition that says if you rub a lemon in your arm before going out for a night of binging that you will wake up with no residual effects
A few others that will likely be tried... $2.99 pancakes at harrahsat 2am, Brandeis breakfast, a shot of bacon grease
So I guess we will see how this goes. Heres to Science.

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