Twista ft. Kanye West: "Alright"

Click on the link to listen to a new track off of Twista's new Album "Category F5". This beat is the epitome of current hip-hop to me, from the tribal drums to the rising synth notes, it's everything a fan of the genre could ask for in my opinion. I know Twista may not say the most clever things in the world, but holy crap, dude can rap, and not enough people give him the credit he probably deserves. Oh, and Kanye's opening verse is insane, and has my new favorite line in it:

"N****s come by, talking 'bout they make it rain. I make that bitch Katrina"


  1. I got a dog named Levee, every time it rains I kick him.

  2. I that the same dog that bit your penis off?

  3. Yes.
    But we re-attached it.
    The penis, not the dog.