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I like zombies and one time I read Pride and Prejudice so a girl would think I was a sensitive, intellectual-type. So, when I heard the Internet hype-machine buzzing about Seth Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I felt obligated to pick up a copy.
To me, the idea of mashing up Jane Austen's comedy of manners with comic book style living dead violence is hilariously groundbreaking. It's like Victorian England meets World War Z meets The Hood Internet. Fuck, I love living in the 2000s.
As for the book itself, I only have this to say: too much witty banter, not enough heads getting chopped off. The plot of P and P remains relatively whole and intact, with wry, zombie-related snips being snuck in across the pages. After a particularly sassy exchange with Darcy, Elizabeth goes off and shoots some mo'fuckers in the head. Awesome, but not quite awesome enough.
The idea behind this creation is novel at best, a one-time flash in the pan, but a textual mash-up becoming this popular is a literary frontier. Don't expect to see War and Peace and Werewolves or Crime and Punishment and Pirates any time soon, but P&P&Z is definitely taking literature in very cool directions.

We live in a glorious age.

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