Man Overboard?

Remember Harrison?
He was that guy that used to comment on this blog--occasionally constructively, usually just to be a prick. Also, he would hang out with us from time to time.
Pistol P wrote a post about him.
I even gave him a tip of the hat for getting us off our asses and getting back to work.
He was this blog's lone fan for some of our leanest months and really helped get us through some tough times.
But he's been gone for awhile and the gang here at 31/Chi is starting to get concerned.

At first, we though maybe he was just super busy doing some chemistry or other related scientific field that we would never be able to wrap our puny, unworthy intellects around.

I mean, we all know how stringent those chem professors can be!

Then we though that maybe his experiences in the Dominican Republic had left him with little interest in our thoroughly American blog. Man, I'm not sure what it is about that place, but it can sure make people do some crazy stuff!

That can't be it though, because Harrison was honored as our "reader of the year" long after his return from that Caribbean isle. What, oh WHAT can it be then? Perhaps our dear Harrison has fallen victim to a corrupting influence, an outside party that is decidedly anti-blog, anti-relevance and anti-awesome.

They got inside your head, didn't they man?

Harrison, oh our sweet, little Harrison, why did you fall prey to the intoxication of power?
Why did you turn your backs on us?
You embraced the other side, and you must have liked it because we haven't seen you in months.

But hey, man, Dr. Mindbenber bailed on the good of human civilization and he got into med school.

But we all know you can't grow a mustache like that.


  1. as peter will tell you, I have far from embraced the other side. however I have been limited in my commentary by our horrible schedule. I promise I'll try to mock the more ridiculous posts more often to keep a semblance of quality control.

  2. Your themed group Halloween costume argues to the contrary.