My Grandpa's Old Intuition

My grandpa always wanted to be an inventor. Even though he didn't go to college, he claims that he reads a lot and is naturally smart enough that he could get by with out it. When he heard about the RAZOR phone he was disappointed to find out someone invented it before him. Little did he know.

My grandpa thought the RAZOR phone was a


When I told him "No, its just a phone that is Razor thin and doesn't shave your face" his eyes light up.
The following week I received a package. Inside was a cruddy cell phone with a BIC razor hot glued to the back of it. Attached was a letter explaining how great this invention is for the Business Man. A man so busy he can shave and talk on the phone "On the Go."

This intuition inspired me to not be a business man.


  1. You might be using the word "intuition" wrong.

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  3. To echo Lightweight's concerns

    1. Cognition would be much better word choice...humans other than Teri Schiavo would know this.

    2. Motorola trade marked the cellular device known as the RAZR in 2003. Take careful note of the spelling since RAZOR in all caps makes it seem like you are shouting for the shave-a-the-face razor.

    3. Please no more of these intuition posts...you're making our hit counter go down and are killing our fan base of intellectual followers.

  4. I think "Ingenuity" is the word he was looking for, not cognition. And I found this post funny and enjoyable.