New Smith Westerns

The Smith Westerns are from Chicago, and as far as I can tell are either named after a tourist trinket manufacturer in Tacoma or a chain of honkytonk restaurants in south England. Maybe both. Imagine being on family vacation somewhere kind of corny and sucky but running into a girl or boy who is also on family vacation in the same corny, sucky place. You guys buy each other pins from the gift shop at the foot of a rollercoaster, maybe they’re little cowboy hats. You throw some skeeball. Then you go back to your hometowns and write each other crazy letters for the rest of the summer while listening to Marc Bolan. That’s what this band sounds like. So maybe they know what they’re doing with the name. Regardless, this shit is so good we had to learn all the words just so we could yell it at grumpy snitches on Cuming Street. Yes, this is a total Lightweight band.

“Weekend” is the opening track and lead single from Smith Westerns‘ highly anticipated upcoming second LP Dye It Blonde, out January 18 on Fat Possum. You heard it here first kids, tell all your friends.

Smith Westerns : Weekend

Smith Westerns : Imagine, Pt. 3

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  1. Hello! i have been looking for this hat ( )that you have posted and was curious of where you purchased yours? here your pik. my email is vonrouse@gmail.com. I had one for years and have lost my fav hat. please help.