Tennis is Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, a husband/wife duo. The idea for the project began one day a couple of years ago when Alaina made fun of Patrick for playing Tennis in college, which is an elitist rich man’s sport. A year later the two fled their hometown Denver to spend eight months sailing and exploring the North Atlantic coast. During their adventures they began writing music together documenting their experiences.

Tennis have been receiving some serious buzz in the blog world for a bit of time now. Tennis' sound could best be described as a slightly lo-fi, easy-listening, 60's-esque obscure pop with a warm sound. If that description doesn't do it for you (which is more than likely the case) then check out their sound for yourself below. Their Baltimore EP came out earlier this summer and though it only has three songs on it, the release received very warm reviews. The Denver-duo's full-length debut, Cape Dory, will be released January 18 via Fat Possum. The magnificent album cover below is apparently an homage to this. Goofballs.

Tennis : Marathon

Tennis : Baltimore

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