Stronghand's Old Favorites: "My Backwards Walk" by Frightened Rabbit

My boy AlejandroPablo put me on to these dudes as sophomore year started out and I was pretty instantly in love. This song above all others stood out to me on their "Midnight Organ Fight" album. There really isn't anything too fancy-pants going on musically here (I do love the transition toward the end of the song though), but the lyrics are just incredible. I think everyone can relate to at least portions of this song, and recently it's been stuck on repeat for the last week or so. Enjoy.

Frightened Rabbit: "My Backwards Walk"

"I'm working on drawing a straight line, and I'll draw until I get one right."


  1. I liked the one that was featured on chuck a few episodes ago. swim until you can't see land.

  2. The Night Jew imagines that he is Chuck