Giving Up the Gun, Play by Play

Okay, this video is pretty awesome, and because I don't really feel like paying attention in anthropology this morning, I'm going to try to break this down into a blow-by-blow of the important details. Warning: Ezra is loving the dreamboat shot in this vid.

00:02- Japanese characters.
00:07- The RZA presses play on 'vintage' boombox.
00:13- Goth girl from 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' video arrives in tennis wear.
00:17- Vampire Weekend arrives, appropriately attired as sporty hipsters.
00:30- Disney Channel tweensation strategically placed to increase YouTube hits.
00:33- The RZA says, "Begin."
00:45- Tennis action.
00:56- JoBro being a total cock.
00:58- Where is Ezra's guitar?
1:00- Dreamboat shot 1.
1:07- Shining allusion.
1:11- The last samurai
1:15- Female truck driver
1:20- Dreamboat shot 2.
1:27- Daft Punk in motorcycle helmets.
1:36- Dreamboat shot 3.
1:38- Rostam looks like a rapist/like he has to poop.
1:40- Token shot of the rhythm section.
1:48- Tennis action.
1:55- Here we revisit the 'A-Punk' video.
1:56- Ezra has a guitar now.
1:58- Rostam needs attention.
2:06- Donnie Darko arrives, swigs peach schnapps.
2:13- Rostam looks like a rapist.
2:17- Donnie Darko threatens murder.
2:21- Dreamboat shot 4
2:23- Donnie Darko disrobes.
2:36- Artsy dreamboat shot.
2:39- Rostam looks like a rapist.
2:41- More schnapps.
2:51- The RZA makes a call.
3:09- Hit in the butt.
3:19- Awkward hug.
3:22- Dreamboat shot 5
3:25- Evil twin arrives.
3:32- Homeless guy in background?
3:47- Seriously, Ezra, cool it with the dreamboat shots.
3:55- Tennis action in which defeat seems imminent.
4:07- Pep talk in French from hip-hop meme Lil John.
4:24- Ball on fire.
4:34- Whoa.
4:42- Our noble champion.
4:44- Loser.
4:50- Milk?
4:57- The RZA puts on 'Holiday' and hits the road.

Man, that's kind of a weird video.

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  1. Wow, that was a very comprehensive breakdown of a great video. The best part is 3:09, when Jake gets hit in the butt with the ball. That must've embarrassed him. lol

    I think that Giving up the Gun is Vampire Weekend's best song yet.