LCD Soundsystem "All I Want"

James Murphy is an interesting dude. First of all, he's kind of old. This is fine, but this coming May 17 he will only be releasing his 3rd album (under the LCD moniker), This Is Happening. Just seems kind of odd to me that a guy who is over 40 years old is just releasing his 3rd album and says it may be the last for LCD Soundsystem. There are a lot of weird things about this guy, but right now I'm not going to go into that. I want to talk about how much I like his new song, "All I Want".

All I Want - LCD Soundsystem

Like many LCD songs, this song really is not that complex. There is a steady trap beat, a few keyboard chords being pounded out, and a guitar rift that slides around and this keeps up for the entire song. Eventually a synth beat comes in and jazzes up about halfway through and really comes alive in the last stretch. Anyway, it's basically the same thing throughout this song. Normally I don't go for that kind of thing, but Mr. Murphy just has a way of making it work. "All I Want" is so damn catchy. It's one of those songs I can just throw on repeat and not grow tired of and can't help but tap my foot to. The thing that really makes this song though is the passion Murphy has put into it. "All I want is your pity/ And all I want are your bitter tears" he admits to without shame in the song's repetitive, yet emotionally moving chorus. The longing he shows for the one he messed up, "Look, for the girl who has put up with all of your shit." The honesty and ardor that Murphy sings with when he declares "Take me home!" near the end of the tune really opens the listener up as he bares his soul. Well done James.

This Is Happening is out May 17 and can be streamed in its entirety right now at LCD's website. Enjoy.

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