Crystal Castles

Update. Crystal Castles have a new album out. This album is also called Crystal Castles. Kind of confusing.

The new album improves on their old album in every way possible. Crystal Castles seem to be causing quite a stir these days between the live show outbursts, artistic plagiarism, and show-canceling controversies they have developed a rather love/hate relationship with many people. There is no denying the entertainment that most definitely is a Crystal Castles live performance, but now they will be able to take their live show to the next level with the depth that some of the tracks from their new album have. Not many other bands can turn a ton of strobe lights and onstage thrashing into a captivating live show. Alice Glass and Ethan Kath have seemingly made the music to do so.

What makes this latest album even more impressive to me is the fact that Crystal Castles' first album was released near the end of a bloghouse/nu-rave/entry level electro. But now they have surpassed it, becoming indie world stars whose sound is renown. Their innovative sound that they have stayed true to since the beginning has begun to take large bounds towards becoming something very special indeed. This new album is very, very good.

Celestica - Crystal Castles

Baptism - Crystal Castles

Intimate - Crystal Castles

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