The Best Mash Ever? Nope.

Though I know there are other posts/other things in my life that I should be focusing more on, I couldn't help myself on this one. Thank you internet for providing all of these extravagant distractions.

Wow. I can die now.

In other news, I know this blog has some avid Wavves fans. Well these peeps may be excited to know that Mr. Williams has announced that the new and improved Wavves will in fact be releasing the follow-up to last year's highly touted/widely discussed album WAVVVES. If nothing else, it's always entertaining to keep up with Nathan Williams.

I also enjoy the fact that of all the great music to come out in 2010 and coming out in 2010 and hell just music news in general, we here at 31st & Chi like to focus on the most prevalent of bands, Wavves.

Mickey Mouse - WAVVES

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