Real Estate "Out of Tune"

So if there is a band that was slighted at all by 31st/Chi in last year's albums of the year, it would have to be Bridgewood, New Jersey's Real Estate. This mishap was only because the folks here at the big 31 still hadn't yet gotten our hands on the tasty treat that is 2009's self-titled Real Estate album during the process of naming last year's best. Rest assured, we won't make that mistake again. We understand if Real Estate has any beef with us.

So for the first time since last November, Real Estate has released new material. This past Monday, the psychedelic hazy poppers released Out Of Tune / Reservoir 7". "Out of Tune" takes the listener back to a nostalgic summer memory out by the beach doing better things in better times. The constant dueling of the twang from Real Estate's guitars is definitely the driving force of this song, but with the added dimension of lead singer, Martin Courtney's soft, almost indolent voice, this song is brought to an emotionally satisfying high. We're looking forward to more from this group. Stream/download "Out of Tune" below.

Real Estate : Out of Tune

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