New CC video...with Piggy masks?

This new Crystal Castles video for "Baptism" is pretty crazy/zany. The shooting is pretty cool, reminds me of an 80's video or something, especially the parts where Alice has double heads on screen...trippy. The part that confuses me though is Ethan seems to be playing the drums with some kind Piggy type mask on...? Is it supposed to look like a pig? It also kind of looks like some sort of Asian thing that I "don't really get". Weirdly, it kind of reminds me of the piggy mask from Saw...

...Not really though. That's a filthy swine. It most likely reminded me of this because Lightweight, The Undertaker, and I are in the process of indulging in a Saw binge. Regardless, it's pretty zany and I can dig that. Cool vid, great song. Crystal Castles (II) is out via Polydor Ltd.

Crystal Castles : Baptism (No Age Remix)

Crystal Castles : Baptism

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