New Girls "Heartbreaker"

Christopher Owens and co. are back ready to release some new material after last year's surprising and phenomenal debut LP, Album which cracked our top 5 of 2009. We have the first listen to Girls' latest tune from the upcoming new six-song Broken Dreams Club EP which comes out on November 22 via True Panther. The EP is available for pre-order here.

"Heartbreaker" is another epic, soul-wrenching, lyric driven monologue from Christopher Owens. The softness of Christopher's voice makes it seemingly apparent that he misses his someone special and he finds that he/she makes him a better person. The song starts out with echoing guitar part that is background to the bass solo that drives into the first stanza where Christopher admits "I'm not quite as beautiful as when you're next to me." The song is not a major departure from Girls' original sound, yet it perfectly propels where they left off from on Album.

Girls : Heartbreaker

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