I'm in it for the Money Now

My piece (the one my ghey hand is grabbing) - the amount of photos and nursing posts I have contributed. Net Worth - $2.75
Yellow Piece - the amount of attempts Pistol Pete has made trying to log on to his User Account. Net Worth - $1.01
Purple Piece - efforts of Stronghand adding a different taste in music and opinions compared to other posts of 31st&Chi. Net Worth is decreased due to the lack of posts being user friendly because of YouTube links - $2.30
Red Piece - APs Euro/Vino posts. Piece is big due to amount of posts, length of posts, amount of photos in post, consistency of the same girl in the photos in the post... Net Worth - $2.74
Light Blue Piece - Lightweights drunk stories/conspiracy theories/picture stories. While sometimes entertaining, it is not where his main profit comes from. Net Worth - $3.66
Dark Blue Piece - APs Music Posts. Although they are great and enjoyable, APs post Net Worth is low due to the copious amounts of illegal music. In fact because of him the blog often has random posts and songs of his deleted... Interesting. Net Worth (-$55.99). But he is a designer and makes the blog run, therefore we will cover his ass.
The bigger Green Piece - Obviously this piece is Lightweights bulleted lists. Easy to read, sometimes hard to understand, but always clever, unique, and entertaining. If he keeps this up, he may be called the new Money Banks in the house. Net Worth $4.25

Maybe this will motivate the Ultra Bag to put his wits to use on the blog.

Until then I look forward to out next Movie


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  1. Best part of this is how you got a pre-made graph and applied the ratios to it later.


  2. Hey what about me - my insightful comments and critiques to keep you guys on track. I've got to be worth a buck or two!

  3. Is it cool if we pay you in buffalo nickels?