Gold Panda

For those of you who may not be real sharp on your musician knowledge these days and are pretty consistent readers of this blog (thank you), then all of this 'Panda' in music business might be a little confusing. Clearing up the confusion, this is Gold Panda. Gold Panda is an electronic musician from Chelmsford in the United Kingdom living and working in London. This is the first time we've mentioned Gold Panda on this blog.

Gold Panda’s journey has been a long and intermittently strange one. Initially, the Essex, UK artist spent his day-job time behind the counters of various houses of ill repute—adult bookstores, record shops—finding that the two were equally seedy. He spent the rest of his waking hours building up a library of original, dizzyingly eclectic electronic music incorporating a disparate mix of influences and source material. The results were gleaming instrumental hip-hop tracks saturated with bright colors and sublimely chopped-up vocal samples. Thus, Gold Panda was born.

Gold Panda has released a couple mixtapes and has done several remixes, but his debut LP, Lucky Shiner, came out earlier this month. Having recently been jamming to it, I would highly recommend it to anyone who digs the electronic music scene.

Marriage by alexknust

Gold Panda : Snow & Taxis

Gold Panda : You

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