For Those Who Haven't Heard...

For those of you who haven't heard of Active Child...listen up. Renown (by like 31st & Chi and a couple other cool blogs) for a fairly innovative electro-pop sound, this band has an exponential amount of upside and potential. The project of Pat Grossi, resident of Los Angeles, native of New Jersey. Inspired by his days as a choir boy and epic nights as a member of the band Weight Room, Grossi combines his soaring vocals and crunching analogue synths with the honey drip drop of echoing harps.

Anyway, it's Friday night, I've had a few bronsons so consider this a 'not really pity post' but if you haven't heard of this band yet, enjoy...and prepare ye self for their bright future. They currently have one official release, Curtis Lane EP...yeah that kid's wearing a Chewbacca mask and it's okay that it's not movie quality.

Active Child : When Your Love Is Safe

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