Beer and Taco Enthusiast

I am a man of simple tastes. I like coffee, cheap whiskey, college football, mustaches, my mom and dad, Jesus, good tunes, and movies where people say funny things. I also love beer and tacos. In fact, I am willing to call myself a beer and taco enthusiast. I get so enthusiastic about beer and tacos that whenever I encounter a particularly good brand of either I feel the need to tell the world. Usually this means I'm raving about Coors Light and Taco John's, but sometimes I'll come across something people want to eat/drink/hear about. So today I'd like present you with a little report on a tasty brew and even tastier Mexican delight I tore into recently.

Beer- In Hays, Kansas there is a place called Gella's. Gella's is a pretty atypical mid-American eatery with attached microbrewery. Not exactly something to write home about, but it delivered the goods, and by the goods I mean sweet, tasty bronson. For $6.50 I got a 22 oz. mug of American Brown. The menu described American Brown as a stout, full bodied, blah, blah, blah...it was a huge mug of beer and I had a king's thirst, so down it went, followed by another. It was indeed a scrumptious brew, a lot darker than I'm used to, but very tasty nonethless. So I ordered another. My meal remained relatively untouched as I slurped the grainy nectar, noting its rich, full flavor and nutty tones. By the end of dinner I was riding a relatively solid buzz and the lingering thought that I could have had twelve Coors Lights for the $13 I spent on American Brown. With the American Brown sitting in my gut like a breaded brick, we headed out to the bars where I proceeded to de-evolve into a belligerent, loud, incoherent mess I christened...the American Brown.

Taco- AP, the Stronghand and I were down on 13th Street today poking around the used bike shop when we felt a craving for some comida. We stopped by a little joint called Los Portales, a hole in the wall place with three booths and two tables, a fridge full of Mexican pop, and afternoon network on the TV. After checking the bilingual menu I ordered up a plate of tacos asada (my bros opted for the enchiladas). When they arrived, I was impressed with the mess of rice and beans, and even more impressed by the tacos. They were awesome. The steak was hot, tender and marinated in that killer way only our amigos south of the border can do it. Damn, son, there's not much else that can be said for those tacos other than the fact that they were mad good and I want more. I really want to get drunk and see how amazing they taste then. Looks like I know what I'm doing for breakfast tomorrow.

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