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Glitter - No Age

No Age's upcoming album, Everything In Between, drops on September 28 via Sub Pop. This is their follow-up to 2008's fantastic Nouns. On August 24, the lo-fi duo will release a single from the new album, "Glitter", in 7" and 12" fashion. The 12" version includes "In Rebound" and "Vision II", and the 7" features "Inflorescence"; above, you can download "Glitter" and you can stream the 7" B-side "Inflorescence" below.

These are the first tracks we have heard from No Age since their Losing Feeling EP last fall. "Glitter" seems to take a more experimental route for them as there is a different feedback sound cast with a transcending melody in a tempo that is a bit less up beat for the group. "Inflorescence" sounds much more like what we've heard from the pair in the past. It will be interesting to see what direction their sound takes them on this upcoming album.

No Age - Inflorescence by subpop

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