crank dat.

I decided to post a new mix. Really don't have a reason why...why not? Maybe people want some new jams and this is what I have been cranking lately. This is definitely the most chill mix I have put up, just in time for that new fall semester of studying. It is a bit heavier on the electronic side as well. Please take note of Twin Shadow which is the recording moniker of George Lewis Jr. Twin Shadow is also one of Chris Taylor's production products at Terrible Records. Extremely good stuff. Leave me some feedback on what you enjoyed and what sucked. Happy Mondays.

Viernes : Entire Empire

Teen Daze : Shine On, You Crazy White Cap

Glasser : Home

Blackbird Blackbird : Pure

Beach House : White Moon

Zola Jesus: I Can't Stand

Ducktails : Art Vandelay

Sufjan Stevens : Heirloom

Teengirl Fantasy : Cheaters

Twin Shadow : Slow

No Age : Glitter

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