Green Trees

Green Trees is a solo side project by John Freidel in Lincoln, NE, where he currently resides. His sound could best be described as an experimental, lo-fi electro-pop. I would compare it to an early Grizzly Bear sound from Horn of Plenty with a bit more shoegaze and a few more light-hearted lyrics. Listen and decide for yourself. His influences are far and wide including The Beatles, Elliott Smith, Brian Eno, Al Green, Noah Lennox, Jimmy Ruffin, and many more as you can tell from his sound. He just released his Weather Ethics EP as a free download at this Green Trees host site.
John is also one of three members in the electro-pop group Powerful Science along with Peter Kapinos, and Joshua Miller. Powerful Science has a show upcoming at Duffy's Tavern in Lincoln, NE on Sunday, August 22 at 9:00pm. Look for more in-depth coverage on both Green Trees and Powerful Science in the near future, till then enjoy the free (yeah free music) Green Trees EP below, including a brand new tune "Meganet Mouth".

02 Meganet Mouth

<a href="http://greentrees.bandcamp.com/album/weather-ethics">Organic Cow by Green Trees</a>

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