Another Nursing Post

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Yes, that's right. I'm back with Nursing stories. Tomorrow my senior year of college begins. But what do you expect, we are old and should have seen this coming last year. Anyway, school has yet to begin but what do you know people are already complaining of difficulties and inconveniences it causes them. This doesn't surprise me, but I still don't understand it. At the start of every clinical semester you have a Math Exam that you must get a 100% on in order to start your rotations. This is our 3rd time to take this exam and still, still nursing girls are shocked that they have to have an Exam the first day of school. "OMG school hasn't even started and im already studying, thanks Nursing School!" To the Nursing School I would like to say thanks. Thank you for making sure we don't kill our patients with errors. Thank you for flustering the girls and giving me something to write about instead of studying. And finally thank you nursing school girls for complaining and pretending the nursing school is hard; and letting all the other majors know how difficult we have it. I am sure they care and give us their sympathy.
Even the book above knows its simple!

My senior year is far from over and it may be one of the most fun years I've had.

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