This post is about Panda Bear.

If you didn't know that I'm talking about Noah Lennox, a musician who currently resides in Lisbon, Portugal and not those furry bamboo devouring, masked beasts then let it be known now. Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective but I'm not going to talk much of AnCo in this post. This post is about Panda Bear.

For roughly the past 18 months, there have been rumblings about Panda Bear's follow-up to March of 2007's beautiful and highly acclaimed Person Pitch. Anticipations have been high (to say the least) in waiting for new material from Panda Bear. A year ago this month, Panda Bear gave us our first little taste of new tunes at ATP (All Tomorrow's Parties). Since then he has been debuting new material at his few and infrequent live shows across the globe.

Back in July, Panda Bear officially released his first taste of new material in a 7 inch single for "Tomboy" which also featured the little trip-hop jam, "Slow Motion". Last week Noah announced plans for a new single, You Can Count On Me 7″ with b-side "Alastian Darn", coming out October 19 via Domino. Artwork for it below.

So with these new singles coming out lately it had been generally assumed and even mentioned by Panda Bear himself that the plan was to have a new album out some time in the fall of 2010. Unfortunately, Noah made it sound like in a recent interview with BV and according to his website, that Tomboy is slated for release "near the end of 2010."[2] Lennox has mentioned Tomboy will be a departure from his signature sound on Person Pitch and Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion. About the new direction, Lennox said: "I got tired of the severe parameters of using samplers. Thinking about Nirvana and the White Stripes got me into the idea of doing something with a heavy focus on guitar and rhythm".

The update on the album's release date being pushed back is some what disheartening news as we are all anxious after listening to his wonderful new singles and b-sides as well as some of his new material that he has debuted live. So in a way to try and keep morale high for fellow Panda Bear lovers out there, I have included some new material including this video below via BAL from an emotional show he played at Governor's Island this past Saturday, September 11. The entire set can be downloaded here.

Guys Eyes (Song For Ariel) (live at Governor's Island) : Panda Bear

You Can Count On Me (live at Governor's Island) : Panda Bear

Alastian Darn (live at Pitchfork Fest 2010) : Panda Bear

Slow Motion : Panda Bear

Tomboy : Panda Bear

Bros : Panda Bear

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