Powerful Science: "Embrace The Bomb"

Powerful Science is preparing to drop their debut LP this fall. A title for the album has yet to be determined, but "Embrace The Bomb" is likely to be in the track listing. The video for the song was shot here in Omaha, NE last weekend.

We spoke with band member John Freidel and here is what he had to say about it: "Pretty weird days in omaha over the weekend. This is one of two videos we've made thus far for Powerful Science. We recorded it and shot it (obviously) live. Pretty legit in that regard and super goofy/mocking of 90's videos. Not sure when we'll release the next one, pretty soon I'm thinking. As far as the album goes, we haven't decided on a title and we are still in the process of recording but it should drop some time this fall."

We're looking forward to it.

Powerful Science (Lincoln, NE) performs "Embrace the Bomb."


by django greenblatt-seay

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