"My Music" Defines Me.

Hi all. So this is a topic that I have really wanted to write about for some time now and I have finally found the motivation to make a blog post about it.

For as long as I can remember, my music has defined a part of who I am. My music is different than music a lot of people listen to and that's fine. A lot of people back in high school (even junior high) used to tell me that I listened to weird music. Sometimes it kind of bothered me because I didn't have very many people to share my music with and sometimes I liked that no one really knew the music that I listened to on a regular basis very well. In high school and even these days I know that I am so passionate about the music I love to listen to, that sometimes I force it onto people to listen/try and enjoy my music because they are really nice are close to me and just want to make me happy. But sometimes I know people really need that push into different types of music at a certain point in their life, some times just because they are curious, because they don't really know what they like, because what they like sucks and they kind of just realize it, and sometimes it's just that someone shows you something and you are like "wow, this is really cool, what else do you have like this/that I would like." As much as I love talking about music with people who like the same type of music as me, I have a great amount of respect for someone who tells me that they don't like something when they sincerely don't like it. I enjoy talking to these people just as much. It's what makes things interesting. If you don't like my music, then you probably don't read this blog (very much/at all). For whatever reason it is, maybe because I share very similar tastes/interest in music as a couple of my fellow 31st & Chi writers (Pistol Pete and Lightweight), this blog has become somewhat centered around this 'type' of music, which if had to be labeled would more than likely be referred to as "Indie". Now not of all our posts are about Indie music and I really love the posts that aren't. They keep this blog fresh and make it fun to read for people who aren't necessarily interested in the music.

I don't care what kind of music you listen to. You shouldn't have to care about what kind of music I (or anyone else for that matter) listens to. Listen to music that you like. If you are like me, then to a certain extent, your music defines a part of who you are. I don't like people who pose a (musical) image upon themselves because they think it makes them look cool or want to fit in or really just don't have any original style/tastes in music/anything. This goes for a lot of things, not necessarily just music. Just be yourself, don't be a fuckin' poser. No one likes posers.

For those of you who do like the music I post and are interested, I have another seasonal (not really) mixtape for you. Songs that I like that have accumulated over the last few months till this point. Some songs are older than the others. Right-click to save.

Heart Skipped A Beat - The xx

Shelia - Atlas Sound

I'm Not (Live @ ATP 9/11/09) - Panda Bear

Hellhole Ratrace - Girls

Horchata - Vampire Weekend

Bye Bye Bayou - LCD Soundsystem

Swim Until You Can't See Land - Frightened Rabbit

Two Fair Weeks [Grizzly Bear (Fred Falke Remix) Vs. Lily Allen] - Marc Johnce

Baby - Devendra Banhart

Mrs Cold - Kings Of Convenience

Chillin (Top UK Billin Remix) - Wale (ft. Lady GaGa)

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