Beach House "Norway"

Though we haven't heard from Beach House in over a year, Victoria Legrand has most definitely been on a hot streak as Beach House have been touring over the past year with different acts (including both Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors) and receiving rave reviews. Legrand also collaborated with Grizzly Bear to create the track "Slow Life" that was used on the movie New Moon. Now as Beach House prepares to release their latest LP, Teen Dream on January 26th, they have released "Norway", the lead track from the new album.

"Norway" definitely brings a heavier, hotter taste to Beach House's sound. The synthy, percussive intro does not prepare the listener for the grandiose sound of the melodic, repetitive guitar battling a chorus of whimsy background vocals as Legrand's haunting voice sings of 'Norway' in an almost yearning manner. As the verses come in, the bending guitar chords almost lull you to sleep along with Legrand's vocals until the powerful chorus comes back in. Throughout the song, a steady drum machine (a key Beach House element) is still very present but a bit faster than we are used to from Beach House's normal sound.

Not enough can be said about Victoria Legrand's wondrous voice. Legrand has drawn many comparisons to Nico and for good reasons. For me though, Legrand's voice goes back a 70's pop vibe. It's a Stevie Nicks area for sure and that's a good thing. I have never noticed this in any Beach House song prior to "Norway". A definite change in Beach House's sound is apparent and it could push them to a new level.

Norway - Beach House

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