New new new Ra Ra Riot

It's been two years since we've heard anything from Ra Ra Riot. 2008's The Rhumb Line was one of 2008's best and most promising releases. Yesterday, the group dropped a new single, "Boy" from their upcoming LP, The Orchard. After listening to this new tune, I have reignited love for this band.

This song capitalizes on everything the band does well. The upbeat, poppy sound with an echoing, bouncing bass that works in unison with a mellifluous line of melody from the violin and cello with lead singer Wes Miles' head voice reaching those tingling "yoooOOOooou's" in the song's chorus provides an oh so lush sound. Nice to hear from you Ra Ra Riot. The Orchard is out on August 24th and for those of you in Omaha, Ra Ra Riot will be coming to the Waiting Room on October 8th. Get your tickets here.

Boy - Ra Ra Riot

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