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To begin with, sorry we have not had as many posts lately. I am trying to play catch up as I move into my new place so thanks for bearing with us. Covalt just got back from grizzly land and Peter is in the D.R., the other two have no excuse. Yeah, with all this stuff being released by Grizzly Bear and about Grizzly Bear lately, you would swear they have a new album coming out or something. First off, we'll start with the new video for the single "Two Weeks". Patrick Daughters took Grizzly Bear to church for "Two Weeks." True. But the video for the Veckatimest standout (though, some would argue all of it's a standout) is not what we were expecting. Don't wanna give too much away, but 'heads-up' on an 'explosion' of a video.

The band played a short acoustic set for WNYC last night and host David Garland sent us the photos from it that accompany this post. Here's how "Two Weeks" sounded with piano instead of omnichord:
Grizzly Bear - "Two Weeks" (Live On WNYC) (MP3)
You can hear the rest ("All We Ask," "While You Wait for the Others," "Foreground," "Dory," "Too Little Too Late") at NPR.org.

And there's a new Black Cab Session performance of "All We Ask" here.

via Stereogum

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